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X - What exactly is it? - Is it that special?

This is a unique Leads Management System

"Because every leads is unique and requires special type of talking and timing" right? keeps your leads in dedicated boxes - based on conversation type and timing needed:

  • Confirmation - Strong agent, right on time.
  • Rehash - A "Street Cat" capable to lay a smile on anyone's face and get new appointment, Call within 24 hours.
  • Keep In Toouch - A friendly agent capable to built rapport with prospective clients till they need a service. also takes advantage on the the good old 3Ws method:

  1. What Happened: I visited an intriguing website - WOW!!!
  2. What I Need To do: I must give it some time and learn more about them!
  3. When: I'll put on my calendar for 04/19/2019 09:01 AM 09:01 AM - First thing tomorrow morning

And what more - What ever you've left behind keeps haunt you bold and red... Forcing you deal with it...

Another words, you're now looking on a system that:

Changes you for the better and

"Collects" $$$ for you from your own floor!

Right from anywhere you can control your company, see color coded progressive of the day and be on top!

Just as important - LIKE THIS WEBSITE, The works in a desktop fusion - resizable and movable panels enables you to arrange your screen the way that works best for you! Grab the title and see!

X - About us - About: A long story in short

It all began at the late 90s, an IT guy was employed at a company that had to deal with thousands of leads on a weekly basis.

Setting up appointments, contacting clients, follow ups, sales - It was all PURE paper based work over what called by all "Lead Card."

Inside a neat and organized office you would witness tens of boxes 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot all over the place, "Lead Cards"  overflowing its edges with countless Lead Cards...

It was then that this (then) young IT though that it would be easier to computerize this system, making it paperless all the way.

That was easier say than do... However, consistent and talent joined a several years journey resulted with the HIS see light of day...

HIS is A computer software (HIS - Home Improvement Software") that till now produced hundreds of millions of Dollars to its owners, and based on their testimony - about 40% more than what they would do without using the HIS...


Ten years and hundreds of millions of $$$ later - We're on the cloud, patiently waiting to you!


Go ahead, treat yourself - You deserve an account with

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X - Features - Features included and coming up

Grayed out features - are coming up.

  • System:
    • Color code indicates where attention needed.
    • Leads show only in one "box" at any given time.
    • The 3Ws method.
  • Contacts Management
    • View and edit all contacts.
    • Permissions system controls users' access to features.
  • Leads system
    • New Leads
    • Confirmation - Confirm before dispatch appointment.
    • Dispatch - Send a salesman / crew to a client.
    • Rehash - Renegotiate leads that did not sale.
    • Archive - Keep leads that are relevant, but not for now.
    • Toss - Hopeless leads

Future Features and estimate time table:

  • February 2019:
    • On Screen phone featuring DCID (Dynamic Caller ID)
    • SMS Sending feature.
    • Search box for easy locating and accessing leads.
  • March 2019:
    • Fine tuning, bugs fixing, refine system.
  • June 2019:
    • Production:
      • paperless Projects Management.
      • Accounting system.
      • Tasks management.
      • All current HIS features.
  • July 2019:
    • Automatic Dialer.
    • Preview Dialer.
  • June 2019:
    • Refine entire system.
  • July 2019:
    • Documents.
    • Docusign
    • Emails.
  • August 2019:
    • Mobile interface for people in fields.
    • Salesman access to system from fields.



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