Why choose myAnt.org over the rest of the CRMs 


There are many CRM in the market - Why would I choose myAnt.org

Why choose myAnt:

This is the moment of truth, the page where I am trying to get you to sign-up with myAnt.org… I’ve chosen to leave the sales pitch to salespeople. Instead, I decided to indulge you with something more entertaining - I’ll present to you the five reasons why people buy. Lean back, get comfortable, listen and judge for yourself whether myAnt.org is the right CRM for you.

So, what are the five reasons why people buy?

Reason 1: Peace of mind. People buy things to achieve peace of mind. Something displeases them, and they hope that whatever they buy will restore serenity in their lives. myAnt.org is an organized CRM for contractors capable of putting your company’s affairs in order and returning harmony to your organization. Peace of mind checked. Trying myAnt.org is FREE; give it a shot!

Reason 2: Security. Wise business owners - like yourself, are always concerned about how information flows in their company - Are all required phone calls made? Does every estimate reach its clients? Do all follow-ups pursue? Using myAnt.org can assure you that no task would be left behind, no lead, no appointments would be neglected and no stone remains unturned in the endless search for new sales opportunities. Security checked. All you need is to open an account with myAnt.org and see for yourself. It is RISK-FREE and you can only gain!

Reason 3: Status. People buy for status. Make your company a member of the elite class of business - Deploy the one and only myAnt.org - A CRM for contractors, capable of improving your personnel’s working habits, thus making your company the jewel in the crown. Situate yourself above the competition, at the top of the ladder to success and never look back. Status checked.

Reason 4:Need. People buy to satisfy a need - In our case, your need to bring the daily’s hectic state under control. myAnt.org is a fantastic alternative to chaos; The burning questions about What happened, What needs to be done and When are tamed and contained. Harmony stays between your walls. Needs checked.

Reason 5: Keep up with the Jones: Other companies are in, and your company is out… During a short two years, through the COVID pandemic area, nearly 100 companies elected myAnt.org as their business platform and are now proving their content with their humble monthly payment to us… Do what they did - Put myAnt.org at your service and be as happy as they are. Keep up with the Jones checked - I tell you - give myAnt.org a try!

And, as a bonus, let’s examine few reasons why people won’t buy:

Won’t buy because of Fear. People fear the disappointment that a new product can bring, so they evade trying it. Joining and evaluating myAnt.org is RISKLESS and FREE. Sign up with us, and you’ll get about a month of FREE trial and support, which will give you enough time to get accustomed to our fantastic CRM. Fear UnChecked!

Won’t buy because of Indecision. No need to decide now, BUT - Use myAnt.org’s 3Ws so you won’t miss out - Note in your calendar the following: What happened? I visited myAnt.org; I liked it, but could not make myself join in at that time. What do I need to do? Join myAnt.org. When? (Don’t fall for the ASAP thing or it’ll never happen!) Please take a moment, make a plan, set a date to join us and put it on your calendar! Indecision UnChecked.

Won’t buy because they were not asked... Not in your case! Here we are, asking you to join myAnt.org today…

Well - we’ve done what we can to show you the light and have you join myAnt.org.

We hope to see your company as a member of our growing community of happy customers soon.

Thanks for spending your precious time with us.

Now talking is over and it is a good day to join myAnt.org.

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