The look and feel of 

X looks and feel like a desktop app, keepping you at home all the time

What CRM looks like? is a cloud based CRM. ZERO installation. NO Add-Ons.

It looks and feels like your desktop. Click on the video below (to start it) and enjoy the show:

Using, your work is done in panels that are resizable, movable and most important - you can open as many of them as you wish and swap between one and the other just you do on your desktop. makes multi tasking work fast, easy and obvious - no longer you need to click on links, go back and forth, navigate between half millions tabs that are opened in your browser.

Even this very webpage design to demonstrate how works - Click on the title of this panel and drag it around! Click on the buttons at the left and see for yourself!

In the video above you can see for yourself, as well as if you'll click on the title of this panel and drag is around. Try it! - Copyrights Tal Bahir, 2022 Contact Us  Privacy