A CRM for Contractors 


A CRM for Contractors? Really? Is something like this even exists?

What is a CRM for Contractors

CRM stands for "Customers Relation Management." This a term that fits the job description of some giants like SalesForce, Monday, Zoho ETC - And those CRM mainly designed to manage appointments.

But for contractors and home improvement and home renovation companies that need to deal with leads, the needs are extended just by managing appointments. They also need to run construction projects in profitable manner.

Those companies, in addition to just generating leads, contact prospective customers, create and manage appointments needed to execute construction projects agreed upon, and make money from it.

There are CRM that knows how to manage appointments. There are accounting programs that know to manage construction projects.

But only a few CRM are designed for contractors and capable of doing both - Store leads information, convert the leads into appointments and then into a sale and then run the construction project in a profitable manner.

At the top of the CRM pack, you'll find myAnt.org - A Fast, Clear, Detailed with tones of features and reasonable price.

myAnt.org designed for contractors, in particularly for those in the home improvement and home renovation. Keep read to see how myAnt differ from the rest of the pack.

What need to be in a CRM in order to make it a CRM for contractors?

Every industry has its own unique pieces of information that distinct it from the other. For construction, the CRM needs to include fields that stores multiple phone numbers, years in the house, mailing and job address and different documents.

The process of generating leads into appointments and then into sale involve multiple contact with prospective clients - one need to verify that the customer knows what project going to be done, make sure all decision makers present in the appointments, that the customer have enough time to meet with the salesman ETC.

myAnt.org is a platform that built around this work flow process:

It stores the lead informationTells the company's personal when to call, what kind of call it isTells the company's personal what said last call and what need to be said in the nextIf the lead was not sold - myAnt.org keeps the leads in a special Rehash box for the second sale attempt.When sale generated - it runs the project, manage expenses, receivable, commission for the salesman, keeping the project's documents.Indeed myAnt.org is a CRM, a VERY GOOD CRM, particularly designed for contractors in the Home Improvement and Home Remodeling industries that provide all of that.

myAnt.org stands above for its ability to convert a lists of leads in Excel sheet into appointments, then convert it into sales and then run the project is profitable order.

The first and most important issue in managing customers' relation is to keep in touch on the right time and say the right things.

A sale is like a ladder - The first appointment is step zero, and a sale is the top ladder's step, and there are many steps between.

The trick is how to make the next call a continues of the previous one, so your stepping up the ladder continues where you stopped the last time, not a the first step each time.

And myAnt.org designed exactly for this purpose - take a company up the ladder of sale from the bottom as a lead up to the top as a sale.

myAnt.org is a unique CRM for contractors as it offers few unique areas:

It sort your leads in different "boxes" based on the type of the call need to be made and the priority. For example, a reschedule call can be done by any polite person and its priority is Immediately.It encourages you to apply the 3Ws and by this hardly ever leave an opportunity behind.When a sale is made - it'll run the project, manage receivable and payable, compute and pay commission, calculate office expenses and profit.In short, myAnt.org help you better yourself, and because your business is only as good as you are, when you're getting better - so does your business. Everybody wins!

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