How a CRM can help contractors? 


Why would a contractor need a CRM?

Why would a contractor need a CRM?

The simple answer for this question is - A CRM is used to produce more sales, and increase the profit of the company.

But how a CRM would help increasing sales? Look at a realistic example below and you'll see the apparent answer:

  • Of about 40 leads that coming in, about 20 will pass confirmation and will go to dispatch.
  • Of the 20 leads in dispatch, a salesman will sit with about 10 prospective customers.
  • Of those 10 sits, about 1 or 2 will convert into a sale.
  • Now you have 8 or 9 customer which you've spent time with in the first appointment but did not secured a sale.

If those 8 or 9 customers are getting the proper seconds and third call in a religious manner, 1 or 2 will be converted into a sale.

That makes a 100% addition to the company's sales!

Picture a company who runs an advertising campaign and in response to that campaign customers are calling in.

How exactly a CRM help here?

Say that Ten potential customers (will call them leads from now and on) are calls every day. Within tem days you have hundred leads.

Each of those leads has a a little story behind - one asked for estimate, the other asked to call in another day, another one wants email with more information - you've got the point.

Now ask yourself - could you remember all the detailed follow-ups on all those Hundred leads without the help of a Customer Relation Management system?

We assume that for the common person that would be impossible.

That is where a comes in - a system that keeps all those hundred leads along with their follow-up information and timing with the help of the good old 3Ws:

What are the 3Ws? It is a simple philosophy that states:

  1. What happen: I talk to the customer, they have asked for an estimate. I made a commitment to have it ready for them in three days.
  2. What I need to do: Prepare an estimate and send it to the client and follow up on it.
  3. When: In three days.

The advantage of using the 3Ws is apparent, but we, humans, are leaving things behind sometimes, right? Well, if you're using a calendar based system, chances are that those left behind leads are on the previous page that you need to click on something to see it, and who does? Check what left behind only add more work to our already busy day, and who like to add more work if they can help it? No one.

That is where comes in - In the left behind leads cannot be un notice, not to you, and surely not to your boss, so rest assure you'll find the time to take care of all your leads! - Copyrights Tal Bahir, 2022 Contact Us  Privacy