The 3Ws - Life altering method 


What Happened,What I need To Do,When I need to do it. The life altering 3Ws

The 3 Ws: What Happened, What I need to do, When

Imaging, you've never left a chore behindhand... Imaging, haw far could you be ahead...

That what the 3Ws are all about... A life altering way to improve your affairs as a whole...

The 3Ws stands for “What Happened, What I need to do, and When.”

Using tunnels you toward using a the 3Ws system that prevents you from leaving leads and opportunities behind!

Here is how it works: for every lead you touch, you must write the follow:

  • What happened: We talked about renewing the driveway, and the customer asked for an estimate
  • What I need to do: Prepare an estimate, Email to the client and follow up.
  • When: In two days call and discuss the estimate.

Using's 3Ws, within few days you'll notice the different! You'll make more calls, you'll secure more sales!

The 3Ws are life altering philosophy - When you come to think about it, if you'd apply it over your entire life and therefor no issue in your life would be neglected and no affair missed out - you'd be much further ahead of where you are now, regardless of where it is! is the only known CRM to encourage you to use the 3Ws and a method to cross the ocean of life in your destination of success.

For example, say that you've talk to a customer today about new driveway, and the conversation ended up with the customer asked for an estimate.

Using, you'll do the follow:

In the comment field, you'll write:

In the date field you'll indicate the date and time to call, say in two days.

You'll save the lead.

And in two days, when open myAnt, Mr. Joe pops up, you'll read that you've talk to Joe the day before yesterday and promised an estimate, and you'll read that you need to contact Joe today and find whether the estimate was accepted.

AND, should you not make that call to Mr. Joe, that appointment turns red, drawing your attention till you take care of it.

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