How can a CRM such as help me be organized? 


But I myself am not an organized person - Can I use to better myself?

But I am not and organized person - How could help me better myself?

Well - can help here BIG TIME!, Click the CRM video to see how

"A car is only as good as the person who drives it." In this analogy, helps the "driver" to get better!

A common argument we often hear is "A CRM may be organized, but I am NOT an organized person..." so what good a CRM can bring to an unorganized person link myself?

With you surely can better yourself. is actually is notorious to improve the working habits of its users...

It does this by encourage you to apply the 3Ws system - a simple method ensures that you’ll always see before of you What was done, What you need to do, and When. Read about the 3Ws here

Here is a real showcase that demonstrates how ensures that every lead, every opportunity are exploited to the max:

In the home improvement or home remodeling, of 40 leads that are coming in, about half, 20 leads will pass confirmation, you’ll have about 10 appointments with customers and secure a one or two sales.

You now have eight or nine customers you’ve spent a time with, a few hours usually, end up without a secure sale.

A proper second and third phone calls in a "religious fashion" to those eight or nine customers will yield one or two more sales!

Those extra sales translates into 100% increase in sales for your company!

That is where distinct itself from the rest of the pack - by making sure those eight or nine customers will receive a proper follow-us!

Other CRM are using calendar like interface which present a BIG flaws - Yesterday’s appointments are not directly visible - It is on yesterday's page, which is not visible on your screen...

And who likes to look backward, click around wait for your browser to load a pages only to discover that more left behind appointments are about to be added to your already packed daily calendar? No one.

Obviously, this leads many people to skip checking backward - the far (or hidden) from the eye - far from the heart thing, and leaving those extra 100% sales abandoned!

With however, it is impossible not to notice the left behind appointments. Those are always in direct view, colored in red and cannot be ignored!

No need to check backward, no need to get out of today's page in the calendar. Your left behind leads are just there, politely asking for your attention, waiting to be taken care off. - Copyrights Tal Bahir, 2022 Contact Us  Privacy